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How far is the Principe from the Beach?
Just 200 mts away to the top part of Santa Teresa’s beach!! The entrance is just in front of the hotel, crossing the road, the path gets you there in 01 minute walking distance.
Do we need a car to get around?
Santa Teresa is a long road and a car is definitely useful if you want to go around. But as the Principe has a lot of restaurants and supermarkets nearby renting is not necessary. Also once you are in Santa the hotel staff can help you with renting A.t.v or even a bicycle. 
How can I get from the International Airport to the Beach house?
There are a few ways to get from San Jose to the Santa Teresa area, really it depends on budget and flight time you are schedule to arrive at the airport.
Total travel time about 3 HoursThe hotel staff is going to be very helpful in organizing your little trip from San Josè airport to Santa Teresa and the Principe del Pacifico. You can take the car directly to the airport and head towards Route 27 arriving in Puntarenas in about 01 and a half hours. there, you can board the ferry for another hour arriving in Paquera. Once you get to Paquera just need to drive the main road for a bit more then an hour. Principe del Pacifico is North side from the crossroad of Playa Carmen.
This Option is definitely the quickest way to arrive in Santa Teresa. The flights run daily and are only 25 minutes flight from the San Josè airport to Tambor. Once you are in Tambor you can get a taxi or a shuttle to get to the Principe del Pacifico in about 45 minutes.
From San Jose the  direct public buses run twice a day: 6 am and 2 pm. The price is approximately $12 USD per person which  includes the cost of the ferry.
You can ask to reserve a shuttle service to the Principe del Pacifico staff which will organize this little private bus to take you from the airport directly in the Principe del Pacifico. Cost is around 50$ per person.