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Want to know more about Principe del Pacifico and Playa Santa Teresa? Then follow me and you will get great tips and suggestions…Saludos Rossella

Admin - December 9, 2022

How to Get From San José to Santa Teresa

Getting to Santa Teresa is a bit of a long way (from San José 185km) but once you arrive you will be rewarded!!! …

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Admin - March 10, 2022

Welcome to Principe del Pacifico!

Saludos From Rossella Christian and our family!!!

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Admin - April 15, 2021

Best things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Best things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Then you just arrived in Santa Teresa, maybe right in my place Principe del Pacifico, and you can’t wait to live your holiday to the fullest, taking advantage of every possible …

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Admin - April 10, 2021

A day trip to Tortuga island “Isla Tortuga”

I have been to Isla Tortuga so many time that I cannot count it but still the island and its beauty offers always new adventures with white sandy beach, palm trees and clear waters. You can go hiking, snorkeling / scuba diving. Prepare to see dolphins, manta rays, sharks and even wales (during the right season). …

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Admin - April 17, 2017

Our Answers Your Top Questions

Let’s answer 10 common questions about Principe del pacifico, Santa Teresa to help you decide your perfect vacation. …

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Admin - March 30, 2017

Amazing Must See Top 10

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