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A day trip to Tortuga island “Isla Tortuga”

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I have been to Isla Tortuga so many time that I cannot count it but still the island and its beauty offers always new adventures with white sandy beach, palm trees and clear waters. You can go hiking,  snorkeling / scuba diving. Prepare to see dolphins, manta rays, sharks and even wales (during the right season) .

Together with Alcatraz Island, Tortuga Island is part of the Islas Negritos Biological Reserve.


You can start your tour to Tortuga Island from Santa Teresa and Principe del Pacifico quite early in the morning with a 40-minute drive to the town of Montezuma beach. There, the boats leave to the island with a  45-minute incredible journey with a fantastic views of the coastline. The boat will stop if the see manta rayas, or other precious see creature. I get to see dolphins and wales during the trip!!. The boat also stops to Cocalito Falls.

Once you arrive to the island you get the option to go snorkeling. The companies offer the tours with all the equipment to snorkeling and scuba diving. There are two snorkeling spots to swim with lots of colorful fishes. If you like this activity you can ask to go just off the shore of the island where you can visit three shipwrecks.

The snorkeling here is the best!! 

LUNCH TIME After the snorkeling you are prepare to get to the island where the staff will arrange a deserved lunch for the group. You can choice from fish, meat or vegetarian Casado and usually they prepare cevice and offers fresh coconuts. Also soft drinks are included.

N.B. My sun loves buy from a fisherman…. Declicious!!! 

After lunch you are free to relax on the beach or go hiking 

HIKE this amazing activity till the top of the mountain will introduce you to the island wildlife: iguanas, monkeys, wild boars and various types of birds. 

Back to Montezuma – Playa Santa Teresa – Principe del Pacifico. 

Overall this island can offer a beautiful day trip, just to place in mind that the place can get overcrowded during  high season and do not forget to bring money with you as the toilet on the island cost 1$!! 

For any more question you are free to ask me anytime….



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