When It’s Time to Go to Santa Teresa Costa Rica

When my husband and I first arrived in Costa Rica was during the rainy season and we fell hopelessly in love with this amazing beautiful country!! But I understand that for a week or two holiday It could be a bit risky. Said that to choose the ideal time to visit Santa Teresa depends, in my opinion, of personal needs and budget. Let’s say that the Costa Rica “dry season” goes from the middle of December till April and the “raining season”, also called Green Season, goes from May till October. I have personally added a “middle season” which goes from June to August. During these months, it is more likely that it rains during the afternoon or evening and you probably wake up on a sunny day. That said that dry season is the ideal time for perfect sunny days lounging on the beach. Roads gets very populated and there are lots of things going on, like live music and parties. If you are planning to come this period just make sure you have your holiday and activities planned a bit before time to be able to get the place you want to enjoy the area without any stress of last-minute bookings. The waves are smaller giving all beginners a better chance to stand on the board. Coming during June to August, “middle season” is for many people the perfect blend between the crowed pick season and the lowest months of September and October. During this time usually it rains in the afternoon or even night time, giving nature the opportunity to grow and flourish and last you’ll also get better prices. You can compare prices going to Principe del Pacifico Reservation page

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