Costa Rica’s Big Little Food Town

One of the questions that my clients often ask me is, no doubt about, where to eat. What are the options near the Principe del Pacifico? or what is the best place for a great dinner? 

My husband and I are always ready to try a new place and we love spending a nice evening with friends in some restaurant in the area. That’s why I have decided to write this article. I love eating out and I’m always available for good advice. 

I hope that this short guide, along with the Link I am going to provide, will help you in case you decide to spend your holiday with us. 

Since there are so many restaurants in the area I will just name some of my favourites. 

In the morning a traditional Italian breakfast “sweet pasta and cappuccino or espresso” from Mafra’s (famous Italian pastry) with its famous “Bombs with cream” and excellent espresso is ideal. 

As an alternative, we go to the Bakery with its wide variety of pastries. I love to eat their croissant with almonds! Last among the morning favourites, but certainly not for quality is Café Social going south. 

Lunchtime not long is coming and so we decide whether to eat a fresh meal such as Big Salads, those of Earth Cafe or Chop it is fantastic, or whether to eat a Casado in Soda Tiquicia or soda La Lora Amarilla that we easily reach on foot. Also super near is Pronto Italian Food with an excellent choice of lasagna or arancini. 

I think a good Casado is always a very healthy choice for lunch and dinner: white rice with black beans, meat or fish, vegetables and salad. 

One of my favourite places to go for lunch is also Caracolas in Malpais. This beach restaurant offers a very good traditional menu wrapped in a super relaxing atmosphere. 

Dinner is still the main meal to enjoy time in Santa Teresa. So where to go for dinner? 

The list here is quite long. If we want a good pizza the choice for me is, no doubt, Amici that I consider the Italian pizzeria par excellence. Always on the subject of pizza Terra and Fuego, in Delicia (about 10 kilometres inland) is a valid option. Wanting to remain barefoot on the beach of Santa Teresa I am fond of Banana Beach and its tuna tartare!!! But the choice is always difficult because Habanero and  Rocamar are always a very valid option. 

Finally, I list only the restaurants closest to the Principe del  Pacifico, those reachable by small walks. By order of proximity Kika, which I not only recommend it for proximity but also for food quality. Then follow Satori (Japanese) Osa (traditional menu, Soda) and El Facon (street food). I finally leave the Italian restaurant “par excellence” Al Chile Viola with its homemade pasta and where every dish transcends the passion of its owner and cook Emiliano.

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