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How to Get From San José to Santa Teresa

How to get from San Jose to Santa Teresa?

Getting to Santa Teresa is a bit of a long way (from San Josè  185km)  but once you arrive you will be rewarded!!!

You can get to Santa Teresa, by bus, shared shuttle (ferry or boat), private shuttle, or by air.

1. Shuttle service 6-hour.

The Shuttle service is the most used option, according to the time you arrive as, usually, it runs two times a day. Or you can spend your first day in San Josè and the shuttle will pick you up directly at the chosen hotel in the morning.  The price is about: $77.00.

Also, from the airport, Zuma tour provides a private shuttle that will take you to Plaza Herradura where you get on a boat. This boat will take you along the Gulf of Nicoya to Montezuma and then a shuttle service will take you to Santa Teresa.

2. Direct or indirect bus 6-hour.

This bus runs by “Transportes Cobano” it is one daily trip and it departs from San Jose city centre ( Terminal 7-10). the ticket cost is for the Bus and the Ferry 12.00$. Also If you are at Juan Santamaria International Airport, you can take a taxi to Villa Bonita Bridge in Alajuela as the Bus will pick you up from there.

the Bus will take you to Puntarenas’s port where you will get off the bus and hop on the ferry. Once at Paquera’s port, you will jump back to the bus. Till you arrive at Cobano bus station.

Cobano is about 15Km from Santa Teresa. From here you can take another Bus which will drop you off directly at the Principe del Pacifico entrance. Or you can take a private taxi which is around 20.00$. 

3. Private transfer 4.5-hour.

This option can be a bit expensive, but if you are a group or a family can be quite convenient. Basically, the driver will pick you up at the airport or at any hotel in San Josè. The route is always the same as the Bus service and you might be asked to drop off the shuttle at the ferry and get another one on the other side in Paquera. Said that be careful if you do not want to drop off your luggage once at the ferry. The price is around 260.00$

4. Flight to Tambor Airport + Taxi to Santa Teresa. 1 and half hours.

You can take the flight directly at San Josè airport and it takes 30-minute from San Jose to Tambor. Then you have to take a taxi from there to Santa Teresa. 

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