Checklist before you travel to Santa Teresa

Whether you are just browsing or you are already planning your holiday in Costa Rica this small list of information can certainly be helpful… 

Time zone 
Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time, which is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.  

The official language is Spanish. Very basic English is spoken in almost every part of the country 

Remember that your passport must be valid for more than six months on the date of entry to receive a Visa for 90 days.  

Your return ticket is also required. 

Once you are in the hotel Leave your passport in a safe place, and only carry a copy with you at all times. 

The Currency is Colón.  

US Dollars are broadly accepted, but be aware that the exchange rates vary from shop to shop and can be higher of normal bank exchange rate!! 

 Credit Cards

All The major Credit Cards like  MasterCard and Visa are accepted, But in a smaller town, it is still very common to find hotels and restaurants that accept only cash. Also paying for national park fees is often only cash, therefore, is highly recommended to bring same Colon (or dollar) with you. 

 Banking Santa Teresa: Here we have two ATM from Banco Nacional de Costa Rica and Banco de Costa Rica but during high season It appends that these ATM finish the money too soon.  

Mobile phone: 
you can use either your roaming contract with your country of origin or you can save money buying a local phone card even at the airport from Kolbi.


Internet is not a problem in most of the area. Most restaurants and hotels offer Internet connection free. 

Electricity Power Adapter 

The adapters are with two standard poles and run with electricity 110v. 

Travel Insurance 
I highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.  

Driving License 

You can use your actual driving license. Driving is allowed for three months. 

Regarding driving around Costa Rica, you should know that there are no names for streets. That said you have to learn quickly that a local takes a point of reference known to everyone like the post office, the supermarket, the church the football field,  and then gives exact directions. Our address could be a good example: Hotel Principe del Pacifico “130mts sur este de la Lora Amarilla”. 

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